Friday, September 25, 2009

picture from the past

ok, not too long ago-this was Trent's first day of school and I am just now getting around to posting it...he's such a bog boy and I am so proud of him!!

Gwen's new PJ's

We cannot wait until Halloween! Correction: We cannot wait for October so we can decorate for Halloween!! :) But here is a new pair of PJ's i found for Gwen-she loves them...was hugging them the whole time in the store.

I like to Eat Eat Eat Apples and Bannanas!

Trent's Birthday Cake

I'm a slacker-but here are some pictures from Trent's birthday. We made a rainbow cake for the first time!
It didn't turn out so well, the recipe said to only add sprite and NOTHING else to the cake mix-it wasn't next time I plan to follow the regular recipe.

Friday, September 18, 2009

What not to send to school with a 5 year old.

Trent took his spiderman laptop to school on Monday for Show and Tell. Well, he didn't bring it back. He let a classmate borrow it. Ok, fine, I guess we didn't think to tell him not to lend it out to friends. So we just told Trent to ask him to bring it back. The next day he said that his friend let his sister play with it and it was dropped and broken. OH NO! And Trent also said that his friends dad was going to try and fix it. Well, ok, but that was Tuesday and Thursday Trent comes home and still NO laptop. So I give up on Trent to get it back, and I email his Teacher Friday morning. She said she would send a note home with Trent's friend to bring back the laptop. I am just wondering why his parents haven't sent it back already? I sure hope we get it back in one piece. I am still not sure if I should expect his friend's parents to replace it (if it is broken) or not since this exchange was done on the school bus and any parents unaware. From now on Trent can only take meaningless, inexpensive toys to school. hahaha

Monday, September 14, 2009


Well, what can i say about Gwen? Lately she has seemed a little better as far as the whinning. She seems to be much happier. Watching her play with Trent is so fun. She always has to be doing what he is doing. As you can imagine, sometimes this is frustrating as she is 3 1/2 years younger and can't do everything Trent does. She is always happy to see me when I get home from work. She is talking more, the words I do notice are, Ma, Da, wow, and bite. Not much but it's an improvement. One thing she loves is going for a walk in the stroller. That will always make her happy. And did i mention how Pretty she is? I will have to post some pics of her. She has soooo much hair and it is naturally curly. i love it. Well, that's about all i can think of for Gwen. :)


Trent started school on the 12th of Aug. He is loving it. Can you believe they are already doing math and reading? It's amazing. He rides the bus as well and he enjoys it. He has been really cranky lately and i figured it was because he was tired from school, but he continues this attitude into the weekend as well. We will get past it, I am sure it's just adjusting to everything. This week he is the Star Student and we made up a poster about him. Trent said that he wants to be an Astronaut when he gets older. Oh and he turned 5 on Sept 8th-the weekend before was labor day weekend and we went up to Michigan and he picked out some presents while there. He got Chutes and Ladders, some more sidewalk chalk, and some glowing planets to hang in his room. The best present of all was Mario Kart for the Wii. We do not have the Wii but Rob's parents do. that is a lot of fun. For his birthday i attmepted to make a Rainbow cake-and it turned out ok, but the recipe i used made the cake too dense and not even half of it got eaten. I have some nice pics that i will post of it later. Then, this past weekend we went to the zoo after i got home from work. They have a deal where it is only $5/person after 5 and when the zoo closes there is an ampitheater that plays a movie-Last weekend was Night at the Museum 2. We didn't really get to sit and watch much. But it was a good time and this weekend it is The Wizard of Oz, so we plan to go again. That's my ramblings on Trent. :)