Sunday, May 31, 2009


After Trent's graduation we took out new tent and went camping! It was a lot of fun, with swimming, a water slide, and mini golf! Trent even got a Hole In One!! He was so proud. I didn't get any pics, as I was too busy enjoying the fun. The last night we were there Trent got to do a hayride and sat right next to Yogi Bear!! He was so happy to have finally met him, he was asking about him all weekend! Both kids did rather well, except Gwen gave us a HORRIBLE first night! She was up crying and uncomfortable all night, I finally put on a baby einstein on repeat play on the computer, and she fell asleep. Whew! Looking forward to camping again.


Trent graduated preschool!!
Ok it keeps uploading wrong, but there you go, i got not so good pics! I am SOO getting a new camera for my birthday! :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trent stayed in bed all night

Yes, we have a 4 1/2 year old who still has trouble staying in his bed all night. Well, I leave for work long before anyone in the house wakes up, so Trent called me at lunch and told me that he slept in his bed all night. He is so proud when he does. I told him last night if he can go an entire week staying in his bed all night, then we will get him a new bike. So, he stayed in his bed again all night last night. I am not sure if he can last, but he may prove me wrong.


Gwen apparently likes her oatmeal. I made a bowl to FEED HER, and I set the bowl on her tray and before I could start feeding her, she helped herself, grabbing handfuls of it. It was too funny!

By the way, does anyone remember that barbie we called Oatmeal?