Friday, August 15, 2008

I love shopping

So yesterday on my lunch break i went to kmart-and boy am i glad i did!!  all the kids summer clothes were on i got Gwen some clothes for next summer and a pair of spiderman pj's for Trent for only $6.36 total!  Then later that evening we went to wal mart and i hit the dollar rack and got more clothes for Gwen for next summer!  i love it! :)  

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Gwen is allergic to Enfamil

Maybe i will try and post things as they happen!
So yesterday Rob had give Gwen a bottle of Enfamil and shortly after she broke out in hives and an awful rash all over her body!  I came home from work early and she looked awful!  We took her to the doctor and by then she was already looking better...but we came to the conclusion that she just can't tolerate Enfamil-but she had already had Similac in the past.  Thought that was weird!  She is all better now!  that was scarey!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Long Time No See

I haven't had time to update on here...Trent is growing so fast.  he says the funniest things-he reacts just like me over the littlest things.  He loves going to the Dollar Store with me.  He spends a lot of time outside.  The weather has been great.  Gwen is so big as well.  Trent loves holding her and making her laugh.  Gwen is so ready to crawl...she gets on all fours and pushes herself around.  I have been giving her cereal on occasion, but nothing serious for another month at least.  She does like that cereal though.  Hopefully she will be a great eater like Trent-although Trent has gotten a little more picky lately...I try to avoid giving him too many snacks so he is good and hungry to eat anything i give him.  Well, work is going well for me-wish i didn't have to be there-Rob should know soon whether he gets school lunch-we are hoping for that.  Trent will be 4 in about a month so we are planning his party already.  Give me your ideas please!!  We can't decide on Dinosaur, Spiderman, or Pirate theme.  Trent would be happy with any one.  I decided to try something new-For Trent's even numbered birthdays he can have a party and the odd numbers we will do a family far that has worked out and i decided to make it a tradition.  Not sure how we will do it for Gwen though-Maybe i will do it opposite for her or keep it the same.  We will only do this until they are 10 or so and then they can decide what they want to do.   Ok, i seriously can't think of anything else going on.