Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's new?

I have been avoiding the blog because honestly, i feel like there is nothing to say. but I guess it has been long enough that there is SOMETHING new going on in our lives. Ok, Happy new year-can you believe that january is already halfway gone?! I am still working away 50 hours a week-it's not a big deal as i am used to this schedule and enjoy working. Trent made it through his first semester of school with no absenses. He loves going to school, but i cannot believe that this is the last half of kindergarten for him. Gwen is doing great and every day she talks more and more. Since she doesn't say words too much yet she likes to yell really loud constantly. Like yesterday in the car i was trying to tell Trent something and everytime i would open my mouth Gwen had something to 'say' as well. She wants so much to be part of everything we do. We have been going to the YMCA and it has been really good for all of us. Rob started his first semester of school and Gwen is going to the babysitter twice a week. She will love it there as they have two other little girls and Gwen really likes being around other kids. I have been busy trying to find a new car, since my lease is up in Feb, so that has been stressful. And i have an addiction to Avon-i orderd almost weekly, and i blame mom for that. :) Well, that seems to be all I can think of for now. :)