Saturday, November 22, 2008

Where have I been?

Just not really into this blogging thing i guess. Let's start with Gwen-she's teething, need i say more? And it seems to bother her more than it did Trent. Last night she was screaming until nearly 2 am. She eats well, she loves real people food. Her hair is so long and she is SO pretty. Oh and she is crawling and climbing everywhere-and i think she is working on walking along things. Scarey to think she's doing all this already. Trent is doing well. It's sad to look at him and see that he is no longer a baby. But it is just as exciting as well. He's doing well in preschool, and they go on a lot of field trips. Monday is the Turkey Dinner at preschool. Looking forward to that. YUM! Then for Thanksgiving we are going down to Kentucky to see Rob's parents. Then we can come back home and put up the Christmas Tree! I can hardly wait. Got some lights up in the window. Was going to put up the last set but of course there are several bulbs out! I hate that! Well, Trent is a wild child and i need to go lock him up! Not really, don't call cps! ok, goodnight!