Friday, April 24, 2009


It is nearly impossible for Trent and I to build a tower of blocks without Gwen knocking them down. Here is one of our accomplishments seconds before Gwen took it down.

After bathtime

Here are Trent and Gwen in their Mickey and Minnie Towels.

Coloring Easter Eggs

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Dinner

We went to Rob's parents house for Easter Dinner and after eating we sat down to have some pie. I placed Trent next to his grandpa and Trent said "I don't want to sit next to grandpa, he's too old."


Easter morning, I found Trent sleeping on the couch, so I woke him up and told him the Easter Bunny had come-and to look on the table. He got up and saw the baskets and said "Awesome!". Then he got off the couch and walked toward the kitchen to get a better look at the baskets, and he said "the Easter Bunny is so awesome!"