Friday, October 9, 2009

Just Dye your Jeans!

Ok, so all my jeans were getting pretty worn and faded. I realized I didnt' have any nice, dark jeans to wear outside of work. So insted of spending money on a new pair, I got the fabulous idea to DYE my jeans! So I searched the internet for the best way to do it, what color to get, etc.

here is what my jeans looked like before my little experiment:

And here is how they turned out:


Sandra said...

Good job! =)

Watson & Co. said...

not too bad. i remember dying black jeans all the time HAHA

edsajadaha05 said...

Cause black jeans were so in style. Ugh. The things we thought were cool. Great job Kathy. Makes me wish I had any jeans to dye let alone faded ones. Besides where would I find dye here? It's kinda depressing. But be happy about your jeans.

Barrett & Angie said...

i liked them before lol